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Sunday Service: Chewy Cannon - Blueprint "Lost and Found" (2005)

Sunday Service: Chewy Cannon - Blueprint "Lost and Found" (2005)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Switch kickflip over a handrail? Yup, Chewy is the man with some sort of plan, not sure what the plan is though. I had to cuddle him to do this again for me as he’d already nailed it with that Cannon grace of his. Watch out for his section; your brain may well come apart!
– Andrew Horsley, 2004.

The section in question in the above caption was Chewy’s debut full length part for Blueprint, which was an undeniable highlight of their 2005 double disc offering “Lost and Found”. Watch on below now witness Chewy slay it at spots found around his native Gorleston, as well as London, Sheffield, Spain and beyond…

  1. Dave

    I can’t stop watching his floppy windmill arms.


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