Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Alex Moul – “540” (1991)

Within UK skateboarding, Alex Moul is a human in need of no introduction – Oxford native, UK street skating (even worldwide in some cases) innovator, Deathbox pro, drum n’ bass DJ, Flip rider, ex-pat, one time Santa Cruz TM…the list goes on.

Anyway, we’ve waxed lyrical about Alex in countless Sunday Service’s in the past, so I’ll quickly draw your attention to the matter at hand. Mouly’s section from the first Rollersnakes video “540” (1991) has always had some kind of quintessentially English feel to it – the (almost) constant sun throughout, carparks, backyard ramps, deserted Sunday afternoon street spots – to me, it always felt that it was filmed across two or three Oxford weekends with “having a laugh” making up the only agenda, and it definitely harks back to a much simpler time in UK skateboarding.
With all this late summer we’ve been experiencing over the past week, I thought that Alex’s “540” section should give you that little bit of extra encouragement to get your board out and go for a Sunday afternoon roll – be it down your local park, or at your nearest waxed curb. Go make the most of the sun before the snow sets in…

See you next Sunday!

Alex Moul – Rollersnakes “540” (1991)

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