Street shits, skull staples and more in Manheads top 5 NASS moments

Josh Young's top 5 NASS moments

The National co. beast and Vans lad Joshhead Young has compiled his top 5 moments from NASS and some are pretty wild!
Stu Graham proves why he’s one of the best people in skateboarding:

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Words and photos by the man himself:

1: Stu Graham street course poo.

I think it was 2012 when the infamous Stuart Graham made a cow pat on what was supposed to be the ‘street grass gap’. I don’t know whether this was a form of protest or he couldn’t find the bogs, ‘but it was funny non the less. Alas, the poo crew came and disposed of it leaving only a stain of what can be described as ‘the stench’.