“Straight Outta Clot” – Drawing Boards Barca bloggings

“Drawing Boards is currently working on a video. Well…it’s not all fast cars, diamonds and bitches out here! What with all the teams different time schedules and what not, it’s easier said than done. So we figured the best way to rack up footage would be to stick the whole team in an apartment for 10 days surrounded by the best skate spots on Gods green earth. It was bound to be a sure fire hit.

We were greeted by rain for the first two days, but got busy and found some undercover gems. Day 3 saw the glorious spanish sun beaming down on our hungover faces. The fact that we were all there in that place spurred everybody on and we travelled from spot to spot under captain Smays inbuilt spot raider and newly acquired internet Spanish skills.

All in all was so stoked on the tour. The boys killed it. This is what it’s all about – sunburn, skating, herbal cigs, sangria, chilling, spontinaity and friendship. Look out for the vid droping this year. For now check Hype machine!” – Adam McEvoy

Photos are by Ranny, Jerry and Smay. Words by Adam McEvoy.

Jak - Nollie heel
Potter - Taildrop.
Jak - Lein

Isaac - 360 flip
Isaac - Stales

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