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Stop Newport skatepark being demolished!

Stop Newport skatepark being demolished!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

In a shock move, Newport City Council are planning on tearing down the cities skatepark – known locally as The Edge – to make way for yet more football facilities on the site.

Click the image below and sign the online petition to help tell the council that they should not be taking away the skatepark until a similar or better park of equal or greater size has been built elsewhere in the city to replace the well used set-up.

Click below to voice your opinion and help stop Newport park being demolished! Scroll below to check the Indy team hammering the place shortly after its official opening a few years back…

Independent in Newport >>

  1. Stephen Browne

    This skatepark certainly should not be torn down, i’ve never skated it myself and I live on the Isle of Man but I know any of my skate community would be blessed to have a park like that over here! It looks like a lot of effort, planning and building went into this park and it would be a shame to get rid of it for something that i’m sure there is more of in the area. Football facilities are everywhere in the UK so im sure there are places to go a bit further out that can please footballers in order to keep anyone who uses this park happy by keeping it there!

  2. BlackWhatBoris

    People can play football anywhere, I’m sure there’s a pitch that they can use nearby, or somewhere else they can build one without having to demolish another piece of sporting area to do so. Why should one group of people suffer the loss for the sake of another?? Surely it would be cheaper too to put a pitch somewhere without having to 1st bear the cost of demolishing something??

  3. Chris Pallett

    Don’t knock the skate park down, would you rather your kids went skating or did drugs and got drunk?


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