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More from Steve "Bingo" Binks Five Bridges Send Off.

More from Steve "Bingo" Binks Five Bridges Send Off.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Those who have been paying close attention to The Forum yesterday will already be aware that plenty more coverage from the incredible Steve “Bingo” Binks Five Bridges Send Off has been making its way onto the interweb.

See below for another two edits from the day, one by long time forum regular and North-Eastern top geezer Voodoo, and the second by Anth “Manthony” Carr. Again, both the edits include loads of stuff that we missed in our edit that was posted yesterday, so be sure to get stuck in for further helpings of undercover Gateshead radness from Jimmy Boyce, Jamie Errington, James Coyle, Tom Harrison, Ben Grove, Ronny Calow, Leon Bottomley, Joe Gavin, Joe Howard, Martyn Hill, John Bell and the rest!

Also, check out the article on the site of local newspaper Gazette Live, as well as the Dog On The Tyne blog post about the day, with no shortage of quality photos of the afternoon.

Severe props again to everyone who came out!

  1. Anth "Manthony" Carr

    I’ve updated the video details for the “Bingos send off skate at 5 bridges” I didn’t think to put my name on for some reason, I think I just wanted to get it up there ASAP.
    Amazing turn out for Bingo, well done to everyone that made it especialy all the guys that done some serious travelling to get there, much respect.

  2. Ryan

    Cheers Anth – I’ve amended the original text so that the video is properly credited. Cheers for letting us know, and thanks for posting it up!

  3. Anth "Manthony" Carr

    No problem, cheers for putting it on here.


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