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Slam City "City of Rats" DVD out now!

Slam City "City of Rats" DVD out now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The much anticipated first ever Slam City DVD “City of Rats” is available right now from the Covent Garden store, with most skateshops around the UK expecting to have it in stock over the coming days. Featuring Rory Milanes, Nick Jensen, Joey Pressey, Nick Jensen, Neil Smith, Karim Bakhtaoui, Lucien Clarke, Steph Morgan, Casper Brooker, Darius Trabalza, Jin Shimizu, Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch, Rob Mathieson John Tanner, Danny Brady, Scott Howes and Oliver Todd alongside the Slam Family and the rest of London, you know this is one for the collection.

Pick up your copy as soon as humanly possible!


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