Skrimpalona – MAKE THE CHILL

Ill Greg has only gone and captured the Skrimp boys on tour! The lads filled their adventure with vitamin D, skateboarding and lots of cerveza whilst everyone in England was scared their house would blow down and/or freeze.

Too many good stunts/hi-jinx feature so you’ll have to watch it and please give any opinions on Chris Mann’s Heath Kirchart outfit to the forum along with your views on how steezilly [W] head honcho; Mark kemp hands out those bevoir superstars.

Check the edit below to get hyped to live life then skillboard with your chums, it induces both highly! Skrimp heads include: Will Creswick, Mark Kemp, Daniel West AKA Big Dave AKA FIngerMeDave, Rob Daykin, Tom Cooper, Conor Charleson, Josh Cox, Caspar Barnett, James Hooker and Chris Mann

Skrimpalona – MAKETHECHILL from Oliver Gregory on Vimeo.

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