Spiked “Undiscovered” UK Skate Tour 2011

Spiked and Mountain Dew have teamed up to bring you the first “Undiscovered” UK Skate Tour, comprising of nine regional competitions taking place across 2011 which hope to encourage unknown and unsponsored talent to step forward. Each event will be based around both ramp and street skating, with the overall winner from each stop meeting up for a final comp at the end of the series. The eventual series winner will be signed to the Spiked sports management agency, receive a stack of prizes, and given a wildcard entry into a national comp.

If you fancy getting involved in the series then take a look at the flyers below, locate your nearest park and simply turn up on the day!

For more details on the Spiked Undiscovered Skate Tour 2011, hit up either the Spiked website or the Spiked Undiscovered Facebook group.