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RampRage Skatepark, Colchester - Grand Opening, Dec 10th.

RampRage Skatepark, Colchester - Grand Opening, Dec 10th.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Colchester is on the verge of having it’s very own indoor playground in the form of the soon to opened RampRage Skatepark!

The grand opening event is set to take place on Saturday December 10th with a 12 hour jam kicking off at 10am. Check the flyer below for more details and a drawing of the park’s layout, and keep an eye on for further details, directions etc.

  1. Jody

    Sorry guys I meant to say its a scooter park :)

  2. vince sharky condon

    best park ever man shredded that finaly colchester has a rad place to skate

  3. Ellie & Cameron MacGregor

    We were there for the grand opening and what a brilliant skate park Ramprage is!!!!! We had a fab time going down the ramps!! Can’t wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lewis

      Scooters are aloud right

  4. ryan

    You idiot its called a SKATEpark for a reason you little scooter fag

  5. tom

    dude its a skate park….scooter park and everything else…and btw i know the guy tht owns the place :p

  6. tom

    its pretty good yet id still say he could extend it…rob uve let me down!

  7. louie

    how much is it to ride?

  8. Max

    £6 asesh

  9. sol

    can you ride bmx there?

  10. Chris

    @Max – £6 a sesh -how long is a session?

  11. henry

    its a awsome skate park best in colchester :)

  12. henry

    its a awsome skate park best in colchester :)

  13. jason

    What are the opening times?

  14. bailey

    we open at 10 and close at 10 prices are 8 pound if your ot a meber

  15. ben

    how much is it and how long is a sech

  16. Jason O'hagan

    21 bmxer and just learning to skateboard. Rampage is a better place and a more welcoming place than demon.

  17. Jason+O'hagan

    Auto correct hate it 21 y.o


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