‘Olliewood’ video contest 2009

The weekend long skate video contest formally known as ‘Jib-Vid Evolution’ is set to make a revamped return to Bristol over the weekend of August 21st-23rd, under the new name of ‘Olliewood’.

Following on from last year, 15 teams of skaters and videographers will be given 40 hours in which to film and edit a 2 minute short film, all of which will be shown and voted for at an official after-party at the end of the weekend.

It really is as simple as that – as with last time, you are free to take whichever creative path you wish with your film, be it something a little different, something unnerving, or something straightforward. If you want to get involved this time around, you need to register your team before August 5th by logging on to the Olliewood site…

…get on it! We look forward to seeing the results…