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The Milton Keynes "Buszy Jam" 2011 - October 29th.

The Milton Keynes "Buszy Jam" 2011 - October 29th.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The annual Milton Keynes “Buszy Jam” will be taking place at the end of the month, so all you Bus Station enthusiasts out there might want to ensure you’re in MK on Saturday October 29th for midday day in order to be part of this years proceedings!

There will be T-Block and best line comps for both the under 17’s and the 17 and overs, an open jam on the stairs, spot prizes for good tricks throughout the day and a collection of DJs and MCs blessing your ears with Buszy approved audio.

Get on the case! Check the poster for more details…

  1. tom dunn

    were in mk is it going to be i dont know the erea so is there like a post code or hot spot n e were near and how i can find it thanks peace

  2. Luke Cronin

    Look for a large dome shaped building called XSCAPE you can’t miss it. Look around that area unntil you see a sainsburys and it is down that road on the opposite side of sainsburys. Have a look on google-earth or something just to get a rough idea of what the area looks like. Hope this helps bro

  3. Tao

    Check out their website:

    There are directions on there or the postcode is MK9 1LR.

    Just head for Milton Keynes train station – it’s over the road from there, although there are roadworks and stuff going on around there at the moment and some bright spark has put up lots of barriers and portacabins in front of the skatepark so it is not easy to spot from the car – but if you get to the train station, you will be right there!


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