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SIDEWALK EXCLUSIVE: Chris Jones in Eleventh Hour.

SIDEWALK EXCLUSIVE: Chris Jones in Eleventh Hour.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Having first being thrust into the public eye during the final days of East Skateboards, the Coychurch raised bank enthusiast Chris Jones found himself proudly representing Dykie’s Crayon outfit before relocating to London and being handpicked by Shier and Jensen as one of the original members of the Isle Skateboards line up.

Having killed it on the DL for years around Wales and the West Country, Chris’ move to The Big Smoke placed his distinctive brand of powerful skateboarding in front of an all new audience, and thanks to his friendship with the now award winning Jake Harris, he quickly became involved with the independent London centric production Eleventh Hour.

Whilst filming for Isle’s first video Vase continues, we’ve teamed up with Jake to bring you the online premiere of Chris’ banging Eleventh Hour section. Watch on right now then await the arrival of Vase with baited breath…


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