Sidewalk 2012 Buyers Guide – out now!

As those early evenings creep in, the weather slowly gets worse and 2012 either makes way for 2013 or the end of the known world, we bring you the annual product lust distraction in the form of the fifth Sidewalk Buyers Guide!

Keep yourself up to date with the latest decks from over 40 UK and international board brands, trucks, wheels and hardware from every manufacturer worth mentioning, all the skate shoes you could ever yearn for and a brace of threads to clothe your naked forms.

Additionally, we’ve spoken to a bunch of people tasked with creating the artwork and maintaining the identities that give your favourite brands their own unique take on skate culture: everyone from legendary ex-pro skaters through to founder members of Southbank’s Six Pack are included, and they all have plenty to say as far as their influences and inspirations are concerned. You will also be greeted with a selection of interviews from several of the UK’s most prolific skateboard riding humans too, as they recap their respective 2012’s for you and hint as to what’s to follow over the coming twelve months.

Get out there and track your copy down now!