Sidewalk 184: Geoff Rowley and AVE in the UK – Extension part 3

The third and final round of CJ’s unused snapshots from Geoff Rowley and AVE’s brief UK visitation is now ready for a browsing below – get scrolling now to see some more behind the scenes photos from the mission, then pick up the latest copy of the mag for the full article…

The first spot we hit in Nottiinghamshire was Kirkby. Guess what? School holidays...
"Excuse me mate, can you just move out the way for a minute?"
Greg vs the Kirky mandem.
More fences vs car legs and Travelodge insomnia.
A classic Hoss/Frank Stephens spot in Nottingham.
After a few hours in the car, everyone was feeling the need for a lower level of impact and Horsley knew a spot round the corner.
Not who you'd usually expect to see at a Carwash in Nottingham.
A.V.E. wasn't gonna be defeated by the rough tarmac run up or the curb at the bottom of the bank.
"Oh no! 1066 is no longer the gate code. We'll have to climb it."