Sidewalk 184: Geoff Rowley and AVE in the UK – Extension part 2

Have a scroll below as we continue to roll out CJ’s second dose of unused photos and extra snapshots from Geoff Rowley and AVE’s cross UK jaunt back in the late days of summer.

Head on back to the site on Monday for the third and final installment…

With a long list of Merseyside spots to hit, an early start to our second day was needed.
Jetlag for breakfast?
Geoff set up a fresh rig for the day.
Mackey showed us around some classic Liverpool spots.
Geoff sessioning one of the Liverpool landmarks...
Back to the car and out the the suburbs for the next few spots.
The "Mackey cover spot".
Greg and Mackey scope out the situation.
One last spot before we hit the road.
After a successful few days in Liverpool, we bid fairwell to Mackey and headed down towards the East Midlands.
Another day, another Travelodge...