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Sidewalk 179: Supra “Chasing The Crown” – Extension part 4

Sidewalk 179: Supra “Chasing The Crown” – Extension part 4

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The fourth and final installment of Chris Johnson’s Supra Footwear “Chasing The Crown” online Extension is now in, with Penny, Muska, TK and the rest handling business in London at the Slam/ONE signing and Bay66 demo.

Have a browse below and be sure to check out the full article in the latest issue of the mag.

Chad Muska skateboard photo
Muska Beats
Ali Boulala skate photo
Ali and Matt keepin' it business.
The Slam City Skates signing was so big that our van driver was enlisted to act as crowd control.
Down in 'One', the Kr3w and Supra department in Slam's basement.
Lizard set up a new board to help him (destroyed from leaping off everything and anything all week) get through the Bay 66 demo.
Penny was keen to skate the new layout at Bay.
Muska custom grip job.
Tom Penny skateboard photo
Penny was stoked to be back under the Westway - frontside flip.
Neen Williams skateboarding photo
Neen Williams undeterred by the jet lag.
Chad Muska skateboarding photo
Tom Penny skateboard photo
  1. chevy

    who shot the photos?

  2. jake

    pennys head should be on the back of that coin! ahahaha


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