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Sidewalk 179: Supra “Chasing The Crown” – Extension part 2

Sidewalk 179: Supra “Chasing The Crown” – Extension part 2

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Part 2 of Chris Johnson’s Supra Footwear “Chasing The Crown” online Extension is now up, which sees Muska, Penny and the crew make the most of a (predominantly) wet few days in Scotland.

Have a scroll below now to see what went on in between demos, pick up a copy of the latest mag for the full tour article, and check back tomorrow for the third installment.

You can't go to Edinburgh without going to Bristo.
Chad Muska skateboarding photo
Muska made the most of the Scottish street before we headed over to the demo under the looming clouds.
Chad Muska skate photo
Five minutes into the demo and the heavens opened.
Most of us headed over to a local pub in hope that the sun would break through. TK, Furby and Keelan were hyped on the Juke Box selections by the locals.
Chad Muska skateboard photo
Muska shied away from the booze and stoked all of the Focus locals out.
Chad Muska skateboarding photo
With the sun breaking through and the demo back on, Chad took care of more signings before finding solace in the van.
Lizard King skateboard photo
Lizard King was hyped on the Saughton locals, killing it on both demo and signing duties.
Terry Kennedy skateboard photo
Signings after signings - Terry Kennedy gets in the signature mix.
Boo Johnson skateboard photo
Boo Johnson finds a space.
The clouds continued to loom as we headed south towards Manchester...

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