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Sidewalk 179: Supra "Chasing The Crown" - Extension part 1

Sidewalk 179: Supra "Chasing The Crown" - Extension part 1

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

To further enhance your visual experience of the current mag’s Supra “Chasing The Crown” article, which saw close to the entire Supra team descend upon the UK and make their way from Scotland down to London, Chris Johnson has fired over another “Extension” online feature loaded with behind the scenes style shots and additional photography from the trip.

Re-familiarise yourself with the crew below, then head back tomorrow for more!

Chad Muska skateboarding photo
Chad Muska
Tom Penny skateboarding photo
Tom Penny
Boo Johnson skateboarding photo
Boo Johnson
Erik Ellington skateboarding photo
Erik Ellington
Furby skateboard photo
Keelan Dadd skate photo
Keelan Dadd
Neen Williams skate photo
Neen Williams
Spencer Hamilton skateboarding photo
Spencer Hamilton
Stevie Williams skateboard photo
Stevie Williams
Terry Kennedy skateboarding photo
Terry Kennedy
Jim Grecco skateboard photo
Jim Greco
Ali Boulala skateboarding photo
Ali Boulala
Lizard King skate photo
Lizard King
Matt Mumford skateboard photo
Matt Mumford

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