Sidewalk 171: Ipath “Blazed and Confused” tour – Extension pt 2

Following on from Friday’s post, today we bring you the second part of our “Extension” online feature focusing on the Ipath “Blazed and Confused” tour, with more photography from Chris Johnson building on what can be seen in the current issue of the mag.

See below for additional shots with Eddie Belvedere, Adam Moss, Gav Coughlan, Rob Smith, Kenny Reed, Ryan Lay, Danny Dicola, Fred Gall and Harry Lintell.

The late nights and early starts took their toll.
A common feeling on tour.
Beer, Birmingham and Barbie - all a man could ever need.
Fred tells the viewers about his run in with a wild dog at Fastlands.
Multi-tasking expert Robert Smith.
Pre-demo Cig break at Central.
Eddie fell fowl to the treacherous combination of water and newly screened concrete.
The final moments in London before another another downpour.

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