Sidewalk 171: Ipath “Blazed and Confused” tour – Extension pt 1

To further enhance your reading/looking experience of the Ipath “Blazed and Confused” tour article in the latest issue of the mag, Chris Johnson brings you a bunch of additional photos from the rain-dodging UK jaunt, featuring Eddie Belvedere, Adam Moss, Gav Coughlan, Rob Smith, Kenny Reed, Ryan Lay, Danny Dicola, Fred Gall and Harry Lintell.

This is the first of two special ‘Extension’ posts on the site – check back Monday for the second…

How most would spend the majority of the trip.
Callum helps Tez and Harry pray for a break in the clouds.
Aberdeen demo done, Fred reaps the rewards.
You don't say!
Stu is a seasoned pro when it comes to optomism, water and concrete.
Nothing better than a fish supper in a car park to set you up for nap in the van.
Second rain out in as many days at Saughton.
Moss making the most of the down time.
Ben Leyden helped lift the mood during the damp Scottish times.