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'Shred, Slice and Splice' with Dan Magee - Frontside Gardens, August 17th.

'Shred, Slice and Splice' with Dan Magee - Frontside Gardens, August 17th.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Frontside Gardens in Hackney Wick will be playing home to the ‘Shred, Splice and Slice’ skate jam this coming Saturday, August 17th, as Chop Chop Mate himself (that’s Dan Magee…) brings you a two hour visual mash up of skate video goodness to accompany an evening of skateboarding, free pizza, popcorn and beer if you’re old enough.

The park is open for skating from 4pm, with Dan’s epic VHS mixtape being screened at 8:30pm.

Be there!



  1. Ruby

    Hi there,

    We are making a documentary about the Hackney Wick community and the
    Frontside Gardens Project and we’d love to interview Hackney residents who
    have been involved in the project or who have views in terms of how the
    project has made an impact on the community. We will be in Hackney Wick
    this evening (Friday 30th August), and over this weekend (Saturday 31st
    Aug and Sunday 1st Sep) and we would love to meet people who are happy to
    have a chat with us about it. This relaxed chat would be filmed on a
    little flip camera and would only take about 10/15minutes.

    This footage will not be used in the documentary as this is just
    preliminary research and then there’s a good chance we may be in touch
    next week to talk about the actual filming of the doco (between 6th –
    12th September) with you to see if you would like to be involved!

    I’d really appreciate your help in connecting with me anyone who might
    have been involved with the Frontside Gardens project or indeed who may
    have views on how Hackney has changed over the last few years.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Best regards,


    Ruby Fraser
    Casting Assistant

    ET Casting
    Suite 4, 311 Lillie Rd, London, SW6 7LL
    Tel: +44 (0) 203 010 3030
    Mob: +44 (0) 758 019 1949


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