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The "Shiner Ship Tour" - day one blog

The "Shiner Ship Tour" - day one blog

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Following little to no sleep, the entire Shiner Ship crew (minus Nicky, who gets in on Saturday) rolled into Belfast before 9am yesterday morning for a mellow first day skating a damp MonkeyBird Social Club and a warm up demo at the T-13 park.

Click this writing for all the dates and locations, and have a browse of the first days blog underneath…

Liverpool airport, 5:30am.
Belfast International Airport. 7:50am.
Jake Collins. Armagh tea stop at the Loughran household.
Stu Graham with the last known set of untouched 58mm Livi Burners...
Mexican feed stop.
Denis Lynn - aka Guest no 1 aka Dr Dlynn. Superdead's finest flowfressional is definitely in the van.
New piece at MonkeyBird. By Dr Dlynn (?).
T-13 stop down. Good shit happened.
Pizza Exprender to day one.

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