The “Shiner Ship Tour” – day one blog

Following little to no sleep, the entire Shiner Ship crew (minus Nicky, who gets in on Saturday) rolled into Belfast before 9am yesterday morning for a mellow first day skating a damp MonkeyBird Social Club and a warm up demo at the T-13 park.

Click this writing for all the dates and locations, and have a browse of the first days blog underneath…

Liverpool airport, 5:30am.
Belfast International Airport. 7:50am.
Jake Collins. Armagh tea stop at the Loughran household.
Stu Graham with the last known set of untouched 58mm Livi Burners...
Mexican feed stop.
Denis Lynn - aka Guest no 1 aka Dr Dlynn. Superdead's finest flowfressional is definitely in the van.
New piece at MonkeyBird. By Dr Dlynn (?).
T-13 stop down. Good shit happened.
Pizza Exprender to day one.