The “Shiner Ship Tour” – day six blog

It was Belfast-a-gogo on our second none demo day of the tour – afternoon busts, evening photo missions and a last night drinking session at Lavery’s were all in order. Peep the snaps, more to follow…

Dlynn setting up a fresh one as only he can - footage soon. Represent!
Odd that this is so rare in England - the tour drink of choice. Get some whilst you can.
Sibling rivalry or brotherly love?
Art n' that, right?
Another profile pic for The Ogre - proper Hogwarts.
Coming soon to a HMV near you - "The Acoustic Hammerhouse Experience", featuring all your favourite Heartbreakers classics as you've never heard them before...
Jake getting brought down a peg or two has been a daily occurance on the trip - here he is on a final night beatdown from Nicky.
It's a MonkeyBird mystery?
The youth are in trouble...

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