The “Shiner Ship Tour” – day three and four blog

The weekend saw the Shiner Ship crew head south from Derry for the final two demos in Dublin and Cork, picking up Nicky “Hammerhouse” Howells along the way.

Peep some snapshots from the past couple of days now, and keep checking back for updates until the rabble fly home later in the week…

We had a brief stop off in Derry on Saturday morning - this is a photo of the Gable Wall Mural in Bogside, based around the unrest of August 1969.
Manhead, Denis and Stu - Bogside again. Stu was hyped!
Nicky and Stu's candle lit bromance meal time.
Our Sunday morning session at Bushy was slightly ruined by a massive puddle...
...and Conhuir potentially breaking his wrist.
To top it all off Stu managed to completely write off his truck.
Pre Dublin street mission chill time with Gav, Conhuir, Denis and Nicky.