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Shane Cross, Ali Boulala

Shane Cross, Ali Boulala

Shane Cross has tragically died in a motor cycle accident that has left Ali Boulala in a medically induced coma.

Our hearts go out to those close to Shane and our fingers are crossed for Ali.

This is from the official Flip press release:

20-year-old Shane Cross was fatally injured while riding on the back of Ali Boulala’s motorcycle in Australia. We have put together an online condolence book so everyone can leave comments and thoughts for Shane’s
family and friends. Messages of sympathy and kind words are appreciated.

Ali Boulala Update & Comments

Due to the many unfounded rumors circling the skateboard world at the moment, we are issuing this statement to hopefully end these rumours: “After the crash that tragically took the life of Shane Cross, Ali Boulala was put in a hospital induced coma to stabilize his condition. As of today the hospital is planning on bringing Ali out of the controlled coma on Monday 12th March. We will update the news on Ali when we have some.”

  1. jordan black

    In loving memory of you man. you were an insperation to many of skaters around the world. wanna say thanks for the momories and we’ll never foget you. made the skating world what it is today. R.I.P. Shane Cross we will always remember.

  2. andy

    dam shame to hear.. been out of the circuit for a while and heard today in the element shop in notts. very sad. rest in peace , and ali….. hope your ok

  3. willy t

    Influenced. Respect man. Your life impacted many others..


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