A Scottish Bank Holiday with Ipath UK – Day 3 & 4

Tez has rolled the third and fourth days Ipath bloggings into one post, with a video teaser for Big Birds edit of the Ipath mission tagged on at the bottom of the page!

That’s all for now from the Ipath lot, check the site tomorrow for War of the Thistles bloggings from the Vans crew.

Snaps presumably by various artists, captions by Tez. Check out Jenka’s Blog for more from the Ipath trip.

Adam Moss steezing his way through a feeble on one hella high block!
Seemed like some of the folk on this trip spent a lot of time either eating, smoking or sleeping! Special guest Andy Scott made sure he was certainly top of his game on all 3 subjects. In the pic young cadet Lintell is consuming what became a must have road food aptly named 'Rocky Road'.
T-HE BAG! Nuff said!
Homeward bound from Aberdeen! This is a gnarly long drive for us English folk but well worth it now as you get to call by Edinburgh's new park for a leg stretch. In this pic Harry can be seen enjoying life outside his Ashford haze.
I don't care what everyone else says, I think Kevin Parrot is top bloke... x
Big Bird and wee little Harry Lintell.

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