Behind The Scenes: Landscape in Cyprus – part 2

Our “Behind The Scenes” special following the Landscape crew on their recent mission to Cyprus concludes today, with the second round of snapshots from the trip courtesy of CJ!

See the latest mag for the full article, and scroll below for more from Snowy, Joey Pressey, Rory Milanes, Nick Stansfield and Hold Tight Henry.

Later in the week, we had a morning off and everyone was keen for a chance to let the injuries heal so we headed to the beach.
Rory took us to an old holiday spot of his - Aphrodite Rock (we think).
The real rock.
RAD dam spot, in need of some serious graft to make it skateable.
Rory and Nick made friends with the locals.
Rodney Vs Per Welinder?
Steve Rocco jumped in and took Gold.
Good night Cyprus.

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