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Save Pioneer Skatepark - do your bit!

Save Pioneer Skatepark - do your bit!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Jenna Selby dropped us a line to let you all know that the future of the legendary Pioneer Skatepark in St Albans is currently in doubt. Read the text below then act accordingly…

“As you may or may not have heard Pioneer Skate Park has been issued a draft closing order which, when we are given the final order, will take effect on 23rd of April 2011. Herts County Council have said that Youth Connexions will take over the building and from what we can gather have no plans to keep the skatepark.

The park is receiving a lot of support, one of the users who works for local BBC is organising for a camera crew to come down on Monday 4th October between 7-10pm and we need as many people as possible to come down and show your support for the centre (even if you don’t skate but have some affiliation with it!)

Further info can be found on the Save The Pioneer Facebook page.”

  1. jacob sawyer

    Our trips to St Alban’s are some of my favourite youthful memories. It would be a shame for such a well established and loved institution to exist no longer. It was around at a time in our history when skateparks weren’t a staple in every borough as they are now thankfully becoming. Pioneer and Radlands were pilgrimaged to making it an important part of our skateboarding heritage which should be preserved.


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