Route One in Bulgaria blog

The internet went down in the hostel after the first installment of the blog went online, hereby putting a slight delay on the arrival of part 2.

Here it is anyway, with more snaps to follow in the coming days.

NDK locs obviously not feeling the Bush.

Chris and Manhead both look stoked, though Manheads eyebrows look like they are about to fully snap off.

The NDK security turned out to be actually sound.

Manheads prototype pro board. Available soonish. Or not.

The six set claimed Lynskeys truck, then Lynskey claimed Chris Johnsons hanger.

Amirs self inflicted punishment from not making a frontside flip.

Dead arty and that, issit?

Avid ate it.

How ‘Brits Abroad’ do you want to get?

Bruve-Vision board snappage.

Oh yeah, Leyden was there, and that’s Alex from Virus skateboards behind him, picking his nose.

Amirs new jacket attracted a lot of attention. Most people just attracted mosquitoes.

More tomorrow…