Rollersnakes new skate team at Derby Skatepark! Lintell, Boots, Bell…

Having sponsored the likes of Geoff Rowley and Alex Moul in the past, Rollersnakes are stepping back into the team arena once more, bringing with them a heavy line up of heads to represent the Derby based store all around the UK. Harry Lintell, John Bell, Boots, Kelley Dawson, Nick Roberts and Becky Jaques have all been hand picked by TM Daz, and can now be found destroying street terrain and skateparks around the country whilst proudly repping ‘Snakes.

Earlier in the summer, Daz rounded up Harry, John, Boots, Kelley and Nick and took them for an afternoon roll at the new Derby skatepark, with Callun “Get Lesta” Loomes on hand with his trusty VX – the resulting first video from the new Rollersnakes team is online and can be watched below! The edit is also included as an extra on this years Big Push DVD, so you’ll also be able to view it in full quality on your TV sometime next week too (fingers crossed…).

Keep an eye out for more from this lot soon enough.

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