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Roll True with John Rattray and Modus Bearings.

Roll True with John Rattray and Modus Bearings.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Zero Skateboards pro and The Predatory Bird mastermind John Rattray gets his chance to Roll True today, in the latest clip from Modus Bearings…

MODUS BEARINGS presents ROLL TRUE with JOHN RATTRAY from Modus Bearings on Vimeo.

  1. Steve

    Yeti another intelligent / artistic / cool / modern shot across the boughs of God awful ‘Slam Section’ style repetitive / boring / money-led skateboarding.

    Thank You John !

    I’m no sure weather I can handle this continuous gradual onslaught of professional skateboarding interspliced wi shattered fragments of a jazzier world of the pioneeringly unobtainable


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