Relentless “Super Series 2011” – Scotland report.

EK Skatepark – East Kilbride

Skateboard Scotland ran the first ever Relentless “Super Skate Series” event at EK park on the 20th of November. To say that the level of skating is getting good in Scotland is a bit of an understatement. The unsponsored comp went off with the top 5 walking away with a whole load of prizes. The sponsored final was so hard to judge (I’m glad that was not my job). Paris pretty much landed everything he went for and Andy White made some beautiful tricks. When he lands tricks he makes them look real good (even double flips). Shimmin was well tech as usual, Martin was up to his usual silly yet amazing tricks, while Kieran flew about the place with style and even managed to land his elusive frontside noseblunt slide over the quarter on the bank.

All in all it was a great day – cheers Relentless and thanks for the prizes from Vans and Skull Candy. Results are below. Zandar’s edit won’t be too far behind and Zeefoto 2011’s pics are below.

1st Declan Welsby
2nd Chris Nwufoh
3rd Ross
4th Lachlan
5th Brian Inglis

1st Adam Paris
2nd Andy White
3rd Martin ‘Socks’ Macguire
4th Tom Shimmin
5th Kieran Menzies

Best trick:
Sean Willis Backside 360 grab over a silly gap.

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