Relentless “Ben Grove and Friends in Ireland” blog 5

More bloggings from Grove and co in Ireland – final round online tomorrow…

We were shocked to find that Dave had managed to nip out for a few hours in the morning to put in his daily TV appearance.
The weather turned on us, so we set out to find some hidden gems. Walking up the hard shoulder of the motorway is fun.
Ste Roe's Confused Dot Com - Where's the spot?
All was well in the end, we found it, it was amazing. Keeping the place under wraps for now though.
Crikey; it's only Denis Lynn!
Tom gets a family visit whilst down the Monkey Bird Social Club. Flat cap steez!
Twenty lines later (not even kidding...) Denis declares it's "the right time to chill". Too true.
The weather was grim for the rest of the day. Here's an arty photo of Groves Note sticker.

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