Relentless “Ben Grove and Friends in Ireland” blog 4

Back from the Sea Sessions, our Sunday was spent hitting up more spots around Dublin whilst some stayed at the hotel and watched the England match.

Browse more snaps, check back tomorrow for blog 5…

The day started with a session at Bushy - Ste produced.
This water hazard spot took a further beating.
Conhuir reppeared from Sea Sessions 12 hours after the rest of us and got straight down to business.
Coming back off of a ten day DC trip the night before, no sleep, get in the van! Keith Walsh is unstoppable.
Not even "handrail contemplation", Keet took care of business with ease.

Relentless “Ben Grove and Friends in Ireland” blog clip 1 >>

Then we skated this spot before security booted us out.

Picture of health.
Board mountain at the back o' the van.
Waiting for the stunts.
20 euro all you can eat Chinese was well in order, mad amounts of munchables were consumed.

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