Relentless “Ben Grove and Friends in Ireland” blog 2

It’s been a long and productive weekend in Ireland with Ben Grove, Ste Roe, Dave Watson, Mark “Irish Snowy” Brew, Matthew Nevitt and Conhuir Lynn – check out the second blog below then check back tomorrow for round three!

Ste stopped smoking on Friday - this could possibly be his final proper cig.
The handrail in an old peoples home was a bust at midday on a Friday.
Luckily Porto Square came through for a good couple of hours of sessioning.
Ste bought this massive fake cig thing to help control his nicotine cravings - seems to be working.
Gav Coughlan's diet is obligotary bloggings. Healthy as ever...
Crew deep.
Battle over, day off earned.
Irish Graf 1.
Irish Graf 2 - with added comedy. More tomorrow.
Just add Blaney.
Powley, Ste and Dave - end of day boozing.