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Relentless "Ben Grove and Friends in Ireland" blog 1

Relentless "Ben Grove and Friends in Ireland" blog 1

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Relentless rider Ben Grove is currently out in Ireland, with TM Nic Powley, Ste Roe, Dave Watson, Matthew Nevitt and Conhuir Lynn along for the ride, and myself and Chris Johnson doing the usual still images/moving images business.

Keep an eye on the site each day to see how the trip progresses, but for now have a look below for some snaps from the first day, which saw us arrive in Dublin.

More to follow – maybe even some video if this internet connection allows…

Early morning train ride, pre obligatory airport stress.
Nev gives getting onto the plane a strong thumbs up.
Window seat view - worth fighting for.
It's been a long while since I last went on a trip with this guy - Ste Roe in the van!
We'd only been in Dublin five minutes before Grove cracked open the first Stella.
Can't help but represent!
We got given a free sample of some Smurf ice-cream. It was amazing.
It's only bloody Dave Watson!
Arty shit, ya get me?
Conhuir Lynn at street spot number 2 - we got kicked out before anything went down.
I bet you can’t guess which Mancunion this baggage belongs to, can you? (Address blurred out just because…)

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