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"Punch an Eagle in Flight" - part 1 now live!

"Punch an Eagle in Flight" - part 1 now live!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Lee Dainton’s first edit from the Kill City/Vans/Monster Oregon trip is now live, featuring Jake Collins, Beanhead, Marc Churchill and the rest – watch on below then check back later for part 2!

Voiceover by The Milk.

  1. Europeskate

    Hi there,

    Mind telling the stupid German GEMA to allow us to watch the video in Germany?? Would love to see this video so if somebody has a workaround, let me know please.

    Jonathan from

  2. Ed

    Europeskate, download and run Hotspot shield its a VPN which hides your internet traffic and confuse YouTube to think you’re somewhere different in the world! I use it to watch American Only videos such as Hulu, works great!


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