Photographers Stories 2013 – Sam Ashley.

Karim Bakhtaoui – front shove.

I’d been to this bench with Karim at least a couple of times before but it hadn’t really worked out, the landing being one of London’s busiest bike lanes didn’t really help. On this day it seemed like things weren’t going much better, we’d been there a while and Karim wasn’t getting too close. Then out of nowhere he blasted this one;
as soon as I pressed the shutter I knew he had done it, and sure enough when I looked up he was rolling away. I remember being terrified I’d mistimed it or something (out of all the other photos I shot there was nothing that would resemble a ‘make’), but we checked the screen and it was all good; showing that in fact, Karim needs to find a bigger bench. I think Kev Parrott was meant to film this, but got delayed, and rolled up about 3 minutes later… Karim wasn’t about to go into battle again, so that was that, no footage of this one, but those that witnessed it will testify that it was insane.

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