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4. Jed Coldwell

4. Jed Coldwell

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray
Jed Coldwell – frontside 180 nosegrind.

4-Jed Coldwell, frontside 180 nosegrind

To be honest, I really can’t remember much about this day or even what excuse I had taken to travel up to Manchester. It must have been good times as Jed is one of the funniest people I know and I’m pretty sure that beer is the sole cause of my elusive memory from this day. One thing I do remember though is thinking that it would be a good idea to put a bunch of expensive flash gear on the ledge, right in the danger zone where Jed’s left hand is pointing. I assured him not to worry about them as they can take a beating. When the inevitable board to overpriced plastic collision happened, Jed felt really bad, but as I’d predicted they were fine. It was straight after this though that Jed’s board flew out again, this time straight down the hill toward myself and Sean (Lomax), who was filming. The board took out Sean’s freshly opened Heineken and we’re talking 650ml here, not a baby bottle. This time Jed really did feel bad so we made him land the trick.


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