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Paul Shier leaves Blueprint Skateboards.

Paul Shier leaves Blueprint Skateboards.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

And with one swift email, it was made official last night that Paul Shier has followed in the footsteps of Dan Magee and parted ways with Blueprint Skateboards, the company he has been with since it merged with Panic in the late 90’s and the brand he has helped run since the collapse of previous owners Faze 7 in 2008.

Whilst stating the he has “the fondest memories of the last 16 years and all the people who made Blueprint what it was”, Paul signs off the mail with “I am excited for what is to come” – is Shier leaving to focus on his duties at the recently revived DVS, or has he got something else up his sleeves? And what of the remaining team? Only time will tell…

For now, here’s Shier’s section from the debut Panic/Blueprint 1996 VHS “A Mixed Media”. Enjoy – and Paul, all the best mate…

  1. Jake Stewart

    Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see! Blueprint is 100% alive and well. I am currently working on new stuff for 2013. keep posted!

    -Jake Stewart

  2. Well Basically

    Its dead now. The last of the PNC/Blueprint guys left. Change the name and rebrand. Don’t tarnish what Blueprint has done.

    1. C'mon...

      let it die gracefully. theres no shame in that. if you keep it going it will become a joke, and a mere shell of its former self. look at Blind, Zoo, and, and, and… learn from the past.


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