Paul Graham – 4motion Skatepark in Darlington Focus with Blinky, Joe Howard, Kurt Mitchell and Will Creswick

Paul Graham visited the 4motion skatepark in Darlington prior to it’s completion with a bit of a posse! There is a gallery below with photo’s and captions from the man himself as well as a little background to the scenario.

“These photos were shot at the pre jam of the Bingo Jam at the then part-finished 4Motion skatepark in Darlington. It was packed out for the two hour session, I spotted heads from all over The North including Manchester, Huddersfield, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds and Whitley Bay.

The park contains some unique obstacles including a box with metal slappy kerb on top, a quarter with no platform that you can grind off the end, and soon to include a bowl with a spine to a miniramp. How often do you see those?”

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