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"Two Pairs of Socks" - Blackpool/Preston scene vid!

"Two Pairs of Socks" - Blackpool/Preston scene vid!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Cast your eyes below to witness the seriously shocking/eye-opening Blackpool and Preston scene video “Two Pairs of Socks” if you have yet to do so.

Having surfaced on The Forum over the last few days, “Two Pairs of Socks” features plenty of unknown North-West talent, including the likes of Danny Broadbent, Adam Richmond, Will Bentham, Curtis Richmond, Danny Moore and Andy Heppell.

Get viewing with your eyes now…

  1. Paul Rodriguez

    Oh damb! these guys are tight! its a lot harder to skate in england than over here in the states i love the first section who is that kid?

  2. Danny

    Stupid comment my mate is a prick aha


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