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Pablo Dominguez in "Recicla 2" - OG BCN legend...

Pablo Dominguez in "Recicla 2" - OG BCN legend...

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

It’s a good job the new Mpora player has the 3 second rewind feature, as you’re going to be needing to use it a few times during this one.

Words pinched from Anon on The Forum

Pablo Dominguez (along with Raul Retamal) is one of the true OG BCN locals who never really got any shine from millions of foreign skaters invading Barcelona.
Raul Navarro, Enrique and a few others benefitted from the whole Barca thing and became more well known as a result.
A fair few of the serious OG dudes didn’t – Pablo was one of them.
I’m not sure how old this is and it’s of varying quality but there are some fucking insanely hard tricks done with speed and style mixed in amongst the rest.
Shove-it flip nosegrind in a line? Grind-to-manny combos that are actually difficult and look good, rather than pointless bullshit?
Insane manuals?
20foot long fakie 5.0 fakie flip out?
Si amigo…


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