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Sunday Service: Octagon Wheels - "Waiting For The World" (2000)

Sunday Service: Octagon Wheels - "Waiting For The World" (2000)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Taking it back a whole 12 years, this Sunday we decided to bring you the hefty Octagon Wheels section from Blueprint’s seminal VHS release “Waiting for the World” (2000).

Featuring the Octagon Wheels team, namely Gustav Eden, Joel Curtis, Adrian French, Jacob Sawyer, Greg Finch, Vaughan Baker, Jamie Bolland, Matt Boulton, Olly Todd, Mark Jackson, Toby Shuall and David Holguin, alongside cohorts Alan Rushbrooke, Adam Lane, Ben Dominguez, Dan Callow, Mark Skinner, Mat Fowler, Seth Curtis, Ewan Bowman and others, this 4 minute section is well worth a place in your Sunday morning.

Click the first play button below to get your watch on…

Octagon Wheels section – “Waiting For The World” (2000)

  1. sound

    Fuck yeah, one of the best bits of the vid, shame I’ve only got it on VHS and me players broken. Wish I could watch Scott Palmer’s section again


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