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Oakley Vert Series 2010 - "Blockless Combat" footage

Oakley Vert Series 2010 - "Blockless Combat" footage

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The Oakley Vert Series 2010 rolled into Creation Skatepark in Birmingham the weekend before last for the third stop of the year. Footage from the A-Group appeared online last night and can be watched below, with Sam Beckett, Wingy, Mike Edwards, Jake Anderson, Sam Bosworth, Oakley Lidell, Alex Halford and more.

The next stop of the series is “Ambush at the Alley” which takes place at Corby on Saturday 5th June – for more details click this!

Now watch the Birmingham footage…

  1. Mike Kerby

    Hi Sidewalk,

    Nice review, but could I please ask that you get the name of our facility correct! It has been Creation Skatepark for 3 years now after Epic went bust.

    Kind Regards



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