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Neil Urwin - Mischief "Ignite" (2001)

Neil Urwin - Mischief "Ignite" (2001)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray Over the course of the weekend we’ll be bringing you a handful of sections from Bingo’s Mischief shop video catalog – this is by no means intended to be an extensive anthology of Bingo’s videography, but from now until Monday there will at least one section appearing daily from each of the three shop videos that he produced – Ignite (2001), Industrial (2003) and Northbound (2006).

See below for Neil Urwin’s short but banger part from the very first Mischief video “Ignite”, released on VHS ten years back in 2001.

  1. Gareth Burleigh

    That takes me back, I was fortunate enough to put this together with Steven a lot of years ago at my Grandparents house. To say we were winging it is an understatement. I bought a £50 firewire card and some cheap editing software. Through the process we needed to buy extra RAM then another HD we just had no clue what was required. Over the next couple months, much red wine drank and a lot of hours spent with a good friend it was finished.

    Looking back at it today it looks so rough but at the time I was really proud of what we put together.

    Thanks to who posted this today for taking me back to a very happy time

    Rest in peace my friend


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