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Monster Network "Twenty" - full Essex scene video here!

Monster Network "Twenty" - full Essex scene video here!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The latest Monster Network production is here! Russ Cowling, along with filming assistance from Channon King, has come through with a 24 minute voyage into the Essex scene in the form of “Twenty”. Instead of releasing this one on DVD, Russ has decided to pass it on to us, to exclusively share with you lot completely free of charge!

As with previous Monster Network productions, Twenty features a solid soundtrack, a pleasant mixture of Super8 and VX footage, and plenty of newness from the likes of Sam Juner, Simon Burlo, Macy Peach, Nick Remon, Frank Stephens, Channon King, Carl Wilson, Dave Watson, Veran Tull, Danny Jack, Adam Howe and Dave Davies, alongside cameos from plenty of other East Anglian faces.

Set aside the next chunk of your day and press ‘play’ below…



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