Matix in Europe – with Shier, Lucien, Marty, Brady…

“Marty’s European Lipslide”, the full tour video of Matix’s recent Euro road trip, taking in stops at Berlin, Marseille and Copenhagen, is now online and ready to be watched below, featuring plenty of park and street antics from the likes of Marty Murawski, Paul Shier, Flo Mirtain, Luis Tolentino and Lucien Clarke, with guest appearances from Danny Brady, Ricardo Paterno, Louis Taubert, Adrien Coillard and Boris Proust.

This is more than worth the six minutes of your day that it will consume – press play now then pick up your copy of Kingpin 94 for the article from the Berlin leg of the mission.

Marty’s European Lipslide from DVS Shoe Company on Vimeo.