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Mark Baines joins Fabric Skateboards!

Mark Baines joins Fabric Skateboards!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Having been kept under wraps for a little while now, it’s finally official that Mark Baines has parted ways with his long time home of Blueprint, landing himself a spot on the expanding Fabric Skateboards operation!

Check out his team page on the Fabric site by clicking below, and keep an eye out for a proper announcement in the next issue of the mag, along with a full Mark part on the “In Progress” bonus disc that should be accompanying the next issue, and his debut Fabric section which should be appearing online soon!

Mark Baines skateboarding photo

  1. liam gardner

    ok so fabric is one of the best new companies but mark baines just doesn’t fit the cut if you get what i mean:
    1. he just rocks the blueprint thing and i think he realy suits it
    2. also fabric has the kind of up and comer techy block team and mark is in that genre.
    3. and lastly i was well up for going to camp WeSC next year and hyped on getting a limited edition board but with fabric as a new company i dont think they can just give them out and survive economicaly.
    just my opinion and i hope it does good things for fabric


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